DECENT Cybersec

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The Problem

Inside the world of industrial cybersec, security and privacy are the two main aspects that are becoming more and more critical every year. Due to an increasing number of cybersecurity attacks, and the fact that the quantity of devices connected to the internet is growing exponentially, these critical components are at risk. Here’s where DECENT Cybersec comes in.

Features We Provide

industry Industrial Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment based on ISA/IEC 62443 standard
  • ICS/DCS active/passive threat detection
  • Social engineering assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment for SCADA systems
industry Private Blockchain Implementation
  • Run your own private blockchain without sending any data to the public blockchain
  • In the cloud or on edge servers
  • SLA-ready
  • 24/7 support
industry Custom Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Consulting services
  • Custom blockchain-based cybersecurity product development
  • Social engineering assessment
  • Blockchain-based IoT solutions development

Meet the Team

The DECENT Cybersec team has a rich history in designing, implementing, securing and testing the most secure blockchain infrastructures and products compliant with the highest security standards. Under the leadership of Patrik Csokas, a seasoned veteran in IT and Internet security, the team finds itself following a well-coordinated direction as well as possessing invaluable technical and cybersecurity skillset, determined to make the world of IT a safer place.

michalko Matej Michalko Chairman
csokas Patrik Csokas Managing Director
buzgo Tamas Buzgo Chief Cybersecurity Officer